Dr. Olivier Jolliet

Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences
University of Michigan
School of Public Health
Office: (734) 647-0394
Fax: (734) 763-8095
E-mail: ojolliet@umich.edu
Risk Science Center: http://www.sph.umich.edu/riskcenter/
Laboratory web site: http://research.sph.umich.edu/index.php?g=7

Research Interest

Dr Jolliet is a professor and an expert well recognized in the field of environmental risks and impacts of chemicals and of innovative technologies. The Impact and Risk Modeling (iMod) laboratory of Dr. Jolliet aims to provide the scientific knowledge for assessing environmental risks and impacts of chemicals and of innovative technologies, in order to: (1) Model population-based exposure and multi-pathways intake fractions for outdoor and indoor chemical emissions (2) Assess individual and population body burdens and risks using physiologically based pharmacokinetic/dynamic models (3) Assess the life cycle risks, impacts and benefits of new technologies and nanomaterials in order to prevent emissions, guide the design of sustainable systems and support the development of strategies for socially responsible investments.


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