Frédéric Schuster

Director of the nanomaterials research program
Coordinator of the Europeen NanoSafe project
Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique (CEA) Saclay
Tél: 01 69 08 13 22
Fax: 01 69 08 98 50

Frédéric Schuster is a close collaborator of TITNT. M. Schuster supports TITNT by providing his laboratory infrastructure and nanoparticles expertise. In the near future, TITNT researchers will investigate different aspects related to the risk of nanoparticles toxicity using nanoparticles produced in the CEA’s nanomaterials laboratory (e.g. silicium carbure). Rich of his expertise as a coordinator of NanoSafe, M. Schuster will also contribute to development of TITNT.